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Mail Setup


Mail Setup

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Now you must enter the mail server information. The incoming mail server is a POP3 server so select POP3. The Incoming and Outgoing mail server should both be entered as mail.tincans.net as shown below.

If you are a business customer and we are hosting your email for you, you need to enter mail.yourdomain.com or whatever the extension happens to be.

Once you have entered this information click the Next button


Now you need to enter your username and password. Again enter your full email address this will be all lower case, there are no CAPITAL letters in your user name. The same holds true for you password it must be entered in all lower case, there are no CAPITAL letters in your password. Both your username and password will be on your Terms of Service.

Once you enter your username and password select the Remember password box if you do not want to have to enter your password every time you check your email.

Once you have entered the information as shown below click the Next button to continue with the setup.


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