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This is the self contained Antenna/Radio that is placed at your residence. "some installations may require additional/alternate equipment" This unit is a true Ethernet bridge and is capable of being connected directly to an Ethernet switch, hub or router so that multiple PC's on your home network may be connected to receive service.

This unit is only 10"x10" and 2" thick, and is less noticeable than a Digital Satellite Dish.

These are our standard Residential service packages. If you do not see the package you want then please contact us for custom accounts and pricing.

"Tincans.net will monitor our total bandwidth usage and will do its best to provide maximum speeds to our customers this includes adding additional bandwidth as required, but the speeds listed in packages are maximum data transfer rates and may vary depending on many items that are not within our control"

Installation costs start at $125 but may vary depending on actual hardware required for installation. Actual install costs will be quoted before installation. There will also be a $50 deposit for equipment that will be refunded if you decide to cancel service as long as we receive our equipment back in good working condition.

We are flexible on payment of the installation cost, if requested the install costs can be spread out over a few monthly payments. If you would like to do this please ask us about it before the time of installation.

Installation costs may be included with monthly service with the signing of either a 1 or 2 year agreement. If you are interested in this please contact us for details.

Please note that we will match any competitors advertised pricing on both installation costs and monthly service. We also have special install rates for anyone wishing to switch from a competing high speed internet provider. Please call us for details or with any questions you may have.

Basic installation includes the following.

  1. Wireless hardware "this is the antenna unit mounted outside"
  2. Eave, roof or chimney mount depending on installation
  3. CAT5 cable to bring the signal into your home.
  4. Power adapter to supply power to the CPE. "the unit is powered over the same CAT5 wire that you receive your signal on"
  5. Installation of the above listed items.

All residential packages come with a 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee.

Package Options


All of our packages list the upload/download speed except for the $24.95 and $34.95 packages they list sustained/burst rates.


64Kb sustained -384Kb burst includes 1 email address.


256Kb sustained -1.5Mbit burst Includes 2 email addresses


384Kb upload 1.5Mbit download Includes 2 email addresses


768Kb upload 5.0Mbit download Includes 4 email addresses


1Mbit upload 9Mbit download Includes 4 email addresses


2Mbit upload 10Mbit download Includes 4 email addresses


3Mbit upload 11Mbit download Includes 4 email addresses



Description Price/mo
64Kb-384Kb $24.95
256Kb -1.5Mbit $34.95
768Kb -5Mbit $39.95
768Kb -7Mbit $49.95
1Mbit -9Mbit $59.95
2Mbit -10Mbit $69.95
3Mbit -11Mbit $99.95

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