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Mail Setup



Please click the above buttons for further information on our services.


The properties window will then open up.


You will then want to click on the Servers tab and click the box that says My server requires authentication

Then click the Settings button next to My server requires authentication. You can either check the circle

that says Use the same settings as my incoming mail server or you can manually enter your account

information as shown below. Once you are done with this window click OK.


Once you click OK it will take you back to the account properties window where you will want to click the

Advanced tab. On this window you will want to check the two boxes that say This server requires a secure connection (SSL)


Once are finished with the settings on this page click on OK and or Apply to close this window. You will then be back at the Internet Accounts page, click Close to close that window and you are now finished.


That concludes this tutorial. Click here to return to the support page.


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