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Here is a comparison of Internet Options available in the Clinton County area.

We have included comparisons for Dial Up, ISDN, Cable, and Wireless Internet connections.


Dial Up 24Kb to ~52Kb  connection speed.


            Low upfront costs

            Installation  fees are generally waved

            Modem generally standard with PC

            Available in all areas


            Additional phone line ~$20/mo

            Many providers drop users connection after a fixed period of time forcing them to re-dial

            May be per call/min charge on phone line

            If separate line is not used for Internet, the voice line is tied up.

            Sometimes 1-2yr contract is required

            Usually only includes 1 e-mail address

            Sometimes does not include space for personal web pages

            Connection speed is based on phone line quality

            Slow connection speeds

            Not suitable for business use

            Poor for internet gaming


128Kb ISDN 128Kb up/down


            Available in most areas

            Good for internet gaming

            Can be a viable option for businesses

            Static IP available for $10/mo extra


           Very expensive, Total monthly costs can be well over $200

            High up front installation costs, can be $700 and up

            ISP costs $49.00 to over $100 per month

            Monthly line costs $225/mo for Carlyle area

            There is a per call charge of at least $.05 and can be per min line charges

            Getting a static IP requires providing justification

            Connection speed is not fast enough for streaming video or video conferencing

            May only include 1 e-mail address and small personal web site space


Cable Internet 256Kb to 1.5Mb download and 128Kb upload speeds


            Low upfront costs, usually under $100

            Good down load speeds but limited upload bandwidth options "listed below"




             Includes 6 e-mail addresses and 10M of personal web space

            Good for internet gaming

            Viable option for businesses


            Availability is very limited in our area

            All packages have only have 128K upload speeds

            Prices are higher if you do not have cable TV

            Static IP not available on residential accounts

            If on site tech support is needed there can be a 1-3 day wait for service

            Many times cable service is oversubscribed so usage during peak hours is slow

            Due to 128K upload speeds may not be good for video conferencing

            Generally not very flexible business options for web and domain hosting




Wireless Internet 128Kb to 1.5Mb upload and download speeds


            High speed upload and download speeds available

            Can be available in remote areas where other high speed services are not

            Flexible business options with web and domain name hosting available

            Includes 6 e-mail addresses and 20M personal web space for residential accounts

            Good for internet gaming

            Always on connection "no dial up"

            Does not require additional phone line and will not tie up existing phone line. "no more busy signals"

            Can be used for video conferencing

            Reliable connections, brought to you over the air and instead of land based lines

            Can be set up with no term contract

            Installation costs can be included in monthly charges with 1 or 2 yr contracts

            Custom speed packages available that are faster/slower than standard packages

            30 day equipment costs money back satisfaction guaranteed



            High upfront set-up costs

            Initial set up costs $300 and up and can vary  "depending on location",

            Requires line of sight to the access tower from your location





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